OurCRMTool last version -*- Now you can compare teams and privilege between two users -*- Copy records between Environments keeping it's Guid -*- Analize user's privilege in all the system -*- Analize all the users that have privileges in a specific Entity -*-
  • Security role analyzer

    Find out who in your organization has privilege for heach entity in CRM Dynamics


  • User settings update

    Bulk edit user settings, change time zone/ date format... for all the organization, a team or just an user

  • Compare Roles

    Find the differences between two security roles

  • Roles not assigned

    Does your organization has roles that are not in user?

  • Compare record between two environments

    Find out if a record is missing in one environment, or if is different

About Me - Iair Kolberg

My name is Iair Kolberg, I grew up in Uruguay (South America) and now I am living in Israel
I have a B.Sc Degree in Electronic Engineer and a Master in Systems Engineer.
After I moved to Israel in 2011 I had started working as a programmer. Some language that crossed over my path during that time where: Javascript , VB6, .NET, C#, SSIS, SSRS, SQL server.

Since 2013 I am working with Microsoft CRM Dynamics and it had been my passion since then. During my work with CRM Dynamics I was required to complete some tasks and that had lead me to build this program OurCRMTool, which I am sharing here with you. I believe in the community of programming and wanted to contribute with what I can. I do not expect any compensation in return, but would like to get feedback from you in order to improve the program.
Thanks, Iair

Screen Shots

Compare Records in two environments

Entity and Compare method selection

Compare Roles

Roles selection

Active inactive Records

Example, settings phone calls as Made

Connection to CRM

Connect to CRM

Compare Records between two environments

Two envirnonments' records check

Bulk Update User Settings

Update Language & Time

Compare Roles

3 tabs to compare privileges by categories

Compare Records between two environments

Fields to copy selection

Security Role Analizer

Example, Roles that give privileges to entity Account

Bulk Update User Settings

Update user's general settigns

Security Role Analizer

Example, Privileges to entity Account

Roles Not Assigned

List of roles not assigned to anyone

Security Role Analizer

Entity and type of Privilege selection

Bulk Update User Settings

Users selection

Connection to CRM

Connect to two environment

Bulk Update User Settings

Update current format


OurCRMTool walk around
First look at what you can do

OurCRMTool walk around
First look at what you can do


Source Code

You can finde the SouceCode in

Download OurCRMTool Installer

"Do you agree to contact you just for feedback or questions about your user experience?"

User Manual

  • The program should be easy to user, but, just in case I made a user manual,
    if you have any question, don't estimate to contact me :)


If you like my work, or just because you want to, you can contribute to my work with a donation. This way I will be able to continue improving the program and adding new futures
Thanks in advance!!!

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